Friday, September 16, 2016

Walker's Right on Highway Funding

Despite the whining and wailing from spend-and-tax "Republicans" in Racine County, the Governor has it right on highway funding.

Vos and Wanggard (and others) pull all the usual goblins out of the closet: 

"Next year it will cost more!!!"  and

"Business will stop moving to Wisconsin!!!" 

"Run, hide, we are all doomed!!!"  (Whoops.  That's for when Democrats spend and tax.  Sorry!)

Messrs Vos and Wanggard's argument about cost ignores the flattest year-over-year cost of living increases in decades and ignores the fact that overall, Wisconsin is a lot more attractive than Illinois (ask U-Line, Mr. Wanggard.)  It ain't just roads, Van. 

And they also ignore the fact that Wisconsin residents are fed up with spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax "remedies" for non-problems.

Some Republicans forget that when you have a spending problem, you cut back on spending.  That's what normal people have to do because we can't point a gun at others and take their money.   

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