Wednesday, September 07, 2016

"Save RoJo"? From Himself??

Wiggy is a good barometer, so it's notable that he's issuing a mournful call to arms for RoJo.  It's a mournful call because Wiggy understands why RoJo needs "saving."

In every ranking of U.S. Senate races, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is at the top of the vulnerable incumbent list. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia puts Johnson’s seat as a “leans” Democrat-to-Republican switch, and he’s hardly alone....

...Six years later, and there is still no separate identity for Johnson. Earlier this month, the Marquette Law School poll showed 33 percent without an opinion of Johnson, a high number considering he’s been in the public eye for six years.

That means Johnson’s 2016 race is likely to be similar to his 2010 race, controlled by forces largely beyond his control....

Not exactly, James.

See, RoJo had a chance--six years' worth of chance--to establish a 'separate identity,' which would have put the forces 'under his control.'   He failed to do that, choosing instead to knuckle under to the utterly corrupt snake, Mitch McConnell.

We remember RoJo's first year in the Senate.  He actually spoke up, kicked against his powers, and raised some Hell.  


When Ted Cruz and Mike Lee took up the battle, RoJo stabbed them in the back on the budget and on ObozoCare.  Not once, but several times.

In fact, RoJo has failed, James, as your editorial implies.  Remember what we all learned with McCain, Romney, (et al):  the worst candidate loses.

UPDATE:  For more on the RoJo Syndrome (talk big, do nothing) see The Flight 93 Election)

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Ron Johnson has been SUCH a disappointment. As you said, "Talk Big, Do Nothing". I have sent many messages to Sir TalkaLot and nothing has ever changed. RoJo has assimilated into part of the establishment.