Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's SHOOT Lame Ducks!

Here's the short version.

Some Congress-slime will be voted out of office in November, but they'll be willing and able to screw over the citizens until the end of December.  These Congress-slime are called "lame ducks."

The entire Federal budget has yet to be passed.  That means that "lame ducks" could be jacking around with Federal spending--UNLESS Congress passes a budget which can't be jacked until January--when NEW Congress-slime will be in office.  (Yah, it's a crap-shoot.)

House conservatives are pushing for the January deal.  The others are pushing for a December deal, so they can practice up on their fraud and stealing before they become lobbyists.

Meantime, in the Senate, McConnell, Obozo, and Reid are in their usual three-way.  (The only question is whether Ron Johnson will be holding McConnell's coat).

We all know that the humane thing to do is to put a wounded animal out of its misery before it turns around and attacks.

Carry on. 

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