Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Abp. Chaput Is Right, Again!

(This post should be read in light of the one immediately below.)

A shooting rampage late Sept. 16 that left a West Philadelphia resident and the shooter dead, plus two police officers and three civilians wounded, drew a strong response from Archbishop Charles J. Chaput.

“Combine easy access to guns with a culture that breeds resentment, self-focus, personal license and contempt for human life and the law, and what you get is what happened over the past weekend: the terrible shootings of innocent people by Nicholas Glenn and others,” Philadelphia’s archbishop said Sept. 19....

It is fair to say that the culture of which Abp. Chaput speaks is NOT a Christian culture.  And we note parenthetically that 'access to guns' is not the primary problem in his analysis.  It is the culture, here of the glorified Self (a 'strange god') which is the driver of this trainwreck. 

Obozo's analysis will differ, of course.

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