Saturday, September 10, 2016

More Stupid Talk From the Stupid Party

How many times do these people have to be bashed over the head before they wake up?

Fuggedaboutit.  That's like asking 'How high is up?'

...“You have to have a culture change as a party. You have to be very comfortable being disliked by loud, disruptive, negative voices that have only one goal and that goal is to tear down the brand of the Republican Party,” Josh Holmes said this week during an interview with the Washington Examiner’s “Examining Politics” podcast…

It’s time for the conservative commentariat industry to be more responsible and focus on winning elections,” said GOP strategist Brad Todd, who advises House and Senate candidates…

“So long as some of the most powerful voices in conservative media spend more time attacking Republicans than Democrats, the Democrats will hold the White House,” a Republican strategist who has advised multiple GOP presidential candidates said....

See, the Official Pomposities are NOT AT FAULT.

It's those damned voters and their broadcast enablers.  Damn fools who think the Constitution and Western Civ are more important than Republican victories.

HT:  Hot Air

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