Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why You're Wrong in the "Mind" of the Left

This is a good interview, wherein an ex-liberal succintly analyzes the Left's modus operandi.  While there's a lot of 'there' there, this portion is short, so it makes a good pull-quote:

(Front Page Mag)  You point to five basic reasons leftists always go to rationalize why someone would disagree with them. (p.47) Share these with our readers and what it means.

Sayet: Since the Modern Liberal’s policy on any given issue is the one that he is led to by his rejection of moral and rational thought – his indiscriminateness – anyone who takes a different position on any issue is not only “wrong,” he is evil (or, in Thomas Sowell’s words, he is “not merely in error, but in sin.”) This is because the opposite of indiscriminateness is the evil of having discriminated: the hate crime of thinking.  One might discriminate because they’re 1) stupid 2) bigoted 3) phobic 4) evil or 5) greedy, but, no matter what, the Modern Liberal has no other explanation for disagreeing with him on an issue other than one of these five things.  Sound impossible?  Take a second and try to name a single issue – even one – where one of these things isn’t what the Modern Liberal says is the motive for not supporting their policy.  You can’t.  Not one.

Sayet doesn't have much good to say about Springsteen and Lennon, either, and for good reason.



Anonymous said...

" Hatred for Judeo-Christian America and the Jews of Israel is nothing less than endemic to Modern Liberalism."

Judeo-Christian America ?


Dear Ted Cruz, Quit Using 'Judeo-Christian Values' To Exploit My Faith

Identity Politics trump ideology politics

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, get over it. The linkage between the Hebrews and the Christians is a lot more solid than many, including the self-proclaimed genius Vox, would have it.