Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are the Communists In Charlotte, Too?

It's STILL the most-underplayed news story of the Milwaukee riots:  that Ed Flynn said the riot leaders were "a bunch of Communists from Chicago."

A bunch of Communists.

So.  Are they in Charlotte, too? 

(Thought you'd like that red.  Chuckle.)


Anonymous said...

Its a messed up situation for sure.
Yes there are communist organizers,
Yes there are many exploitable useful idiots.
Yes the Media coverage is yet again criminal.

II liked this posting at Zero hedge, it summarized events nicely in a entertaining video.


Anonymous said...

70% are outside protesters

Anonymous said...

Back in July you were right about the Ford Foundation and Soros funding Black Lives Matter
Charlotte is more of ripening the rotten fruit of their communist agenda