Friday, September 30, 2016

RoJo Fold-O, Grothman Accomplice

Once again, Sen. Ron Johnson did what he was told and voted "YEA" on a stopgap spending bill.

And that spending will end about December 9th, which means that the next spending bill will be voted on by lame ducks.

Nobody in their right mind wants lame ducks voting on anything important, folks.  But McConnell, greasy bastard that he is, is perfectly fine with it; he gave RoJo the orders, and.......oh, well.

By the way, the Self-Alleged "Conservative" Grothman also voted for this pig, doing what Ryan told him to do, I suppose.  It seems that Grothman's mouth is not the same place his votes are.  Just another Establishment lackey.  Too bad.

We credit Sensenbrenner!!  He voted NAY. 

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Anonymous said...

My Congressional house critter Wenstrup (OH), voted for it too, and I will not vote for him again.