Wednesday, September 21, 2016

History-Deficient Pope Francis?

Not surprising that this cleric's silliness gets play in the National "Catholic" Reporter.

...The Vatican conference on just war theory was held April 11-13 and brought some 80 experts engaged in nonviolent struggles to Rome to discuss developing a new moral framework rejecting ethical justifications for war. At the end of the event the participants launched an appeal, bluntly stating: "There is no 'just war.'"...

Yah, right./sarcasm 

But it gets worse!

...[Cdl.] Turkson said the participants of the conference asked the church to re-examine the concept of just war, first enunciated by fourth-century bishop St. Augustine, and "slightly begin to move away from that."

He said that while just war teachings were first developed to make wars difficult or impossible to justify, they are now used more as conditions that allow violence to be used.

"My understanding is that it was initially meant to make it difficult to wage war because you needed to justify it," said the cardinal. "This now has been interpreted these days as a war is just when it is exercised in self-defense … or to put off an aggressor or to protect innocent people."

Turkson continued: "In that case, Pope Francis would say: 'You don't stop an aggression by being an aggressor. You don't stop a conflict by inciting another conflict. You don't stop a war by starting another war.'"...

The Pope doesn't know about World War II?

Or--far more germane to Catholic history--the Pope doesn't know about Vienna?  Aleppo?

Methinks Cdl. Turkson needs a long retreat someplace.

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