Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Summa on Immigration

Yah, "the Summa" is Catholic code for all sorts of non-PC stuff.  After all, the guy who wrote is is a dead white male straight.  So be warned.

...Saint Thomas affirms that not all immigrants are equal. Every nation has the right to decide which immigrants are beneficial, that is, “peaceful,” to the common good. As a matter of self-defense, the State can reject those criminal elements, traitors, enemies and others who it deems harmful or “hostile” to its citizens....

...Saint Thomas recognizes that there will be those who will want to stay and become citizens of the lands they visit. However, he sets as the first condition for acceptance a desire to integrate fully into what would today be considered the culture and life of the nation.

A second condition is that the granting of citizenship would not be immediate. The integration process takes time....

Don't let some Left-ish or radical Catholic bishops fool ya.   Not even if the Bishop in question is in Rome, wearing a white outfit.  He ain't St. Thomas Aquinas.

LOTS more at the link.

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Anonymous said...

More importantly, Tommy is no bishop, least of all a bishop of Rome. (Get the verbiage right. In the Age of the Francis Revolution, it's 'Bishop of Rome,' not Pope.)

I'll take my Catholicism from the top. Thanks much!

Dad29 said...

You may take Muhammed up your nose in the process.

I won't.