Friday, September 09, 2016

Which Way Will RoJo Vote?

Yes, Ron Johnson is in trouble, and he's in trouble against an extremely weak candidate.


Because Ron Johnson has consistently rolled over for Mitch McConnell's enabling of Obozo, that's why.  Ron Johnson has defined himself as a nice, moderate, lackey.

And he'll get another chance to show us!!

...McConnell wants a continuing resolution that funds the government until December 9, 2016. That will force a lame duck session of congress. That will allow McConnell to ram through the TPP, Judge Garland’s confirmation, and fund Obama’s agenda. That, in fact, is the little noticed part of all of this. House Republicans do not want a big fight against Obama’s budget priorities, but Senate Republicans want to fund them all. They will fund executive amnesty, they will fund Obamacare, they will fund Planned Parenthood — they will fund the whole leftwing agenda....

Watch RoJo on this one, folks.

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