Friday, January 16, 2015

What Is It About Democrats and the 1930's?

There's something about the 1930's that makes Democrats weepy-nostalgic.

In Milwaukee, the (D) Mayor is pleading on bended knee for a trolley-car system which will not only be ridiculously expensive, but damn near useless in winter.  But it's '30's haute, you see.

In D.C., the Obozo-ites are going to body-slam the Internet with a 1930's regulatory scheme.

Since Obozo's election, the US has NOT "pulled out" of the 2008 recession in any meaningful sense, either.

So should we conclude that Depression, Regulation, and Trolleys are the new (D) gold standards of good?


Anonymous said...

You don't know much about the politics of the 1930s, do you?

Today's paleo-conservatives were the 1930s Democrats.

Saint Revolution said...

Understand what it's all about:

Hang The Bankers: Reality Now Setting In For Americans

An excellent synopsis and read.

Anonymous said...

Saint understands. He sees through the bs.

Anonymous said...

The trolley car is useless in any weather. It doesn't go anywhere useful.