Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Iran the Enemy?

While there's no doubt that Obozo is a national security problem, there IS doubt that Iran is a problem.  But as usual, it requires some knowledge of which players are doing what.

The Muslim world is not a monolith.  There are two major brands of Muslim:  the Shia, and the Sunni.  They don't get along at all.  So how does this play out in the Middle East? 

Iran is Shia.

...A closer look reveals a Shia minority in a Sunni-dominated world where Shia are despised heretics. And of all the terrorist organizations we have the most reason to fear and hate — al-Qaida, Islamic State, Ansar al-Sharia, Boko Haram — none is Shia, all are Sunni....

Saudi Arabia, by the way, is Sunni.

So.  Who's really the Big Bad Wolf here?

For a longer exposition of this mess, see Peter's essay.


Anonymous said...

Who said there was a singular Big Bad Islamokazi Wolf? Counterpoint to Peter/Valerie's essay:

- Which country still sponsors regular "Death to America! Death to the Great Satan!" chants?
- Will the nearly-inevitable Islamic nuke detonated on American soil have "Made by the Iranian Mad Mullahs" or "Made by the House of Saud" stamped on it (and yes, I believe the Pakistani nukes were financed by the House of Saud)?

Don't get me wrong - the younger members of the House of Saud would do what the Mad Mullahs of Iran are doing/have done if they had the power, but unlike the Mad Mullahs who have their nation-state, their only outlets at the moment are Al Qaeda and IS/ISIS/ISIL/Baskin Robins.

Dad29 said...


Are we going to war, again, to make up for Bush 1/Bush 2's horrendous error of taking out Saddam?

And--when the war is over, (assuming it ever will be), shall we "establish Democracy"?

Whose children are going to do that? McCain's? Kristol's?

Dad29 said...

Another way to put this: are you telling me that it is in the National Interest of the USA to schmeiss the Iranian government? That it is absolutely necessary to do so because NOT to do so will result in the nuking of the USA?

And...are you absolutely sure of that?