Friday, January 23, 2015

Supply, Demand, and Computer Science

As we all know, the Ruling Class is trying to demolish the middle class with its immigration policy.

One element of that policy deals with "highly educated" immigrants which--for practical purposes--means computer science graduates.  The Google/Facebook/Intel/Microsoft oligarchy has been inflating the campaign accounts of the Ruling Class with the purpose of deflating the price of CompSci graduates.

Except the price of CompSci grads has already taken a very significant dive, all by itself.

The 2014 mean starting salary for new CS bachelor’s degree grads was $67,300, according to NACE.  But the organization’s projection for 2015 is only $61,287.  If that projection holds, it will be a drop of 9%.

Silly things like the "supply-demand-price" curves don't mean much to Congress (or the President) because as everyone should know, they write laws, not God, and not The Economy.


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