Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's Walker Talking About?

Yup.  Walker's going to run for the Presidency.

That requires the (R) shot at Conservatives, of course--so here's the transcript:

"Some in Washington believe government should play a growing role in our lives and rarely question its expense," Walker said. "Others have such disdain for government that they attempt to keep it from working at all...."

What the hell does that mean, Scott?  

What it does mean, of course, is that Walker is just fine-and-dandy with setting up ludicrous straw-men and then knocking them down.

Not what I'd call 'leadership.'


Anonymous said...

What is Walker's argument for the presidency other than Act 10?

There's one criteria to use when judging politicians: what have they done to reduce the size of government, which is measured by number of employees and departments and the amount of spending.

He cut back on the ludicrous benefits to employees. Big whoop. What the hell else has he done?

I'm going to vote for whoever promises to take a machete to government. For me, that's Jindal and Paul at this point, maybe Cruz.

Anonymous said...

No, silly boy. Kruz is no konservative.

Saint Revolution said...

The echo is deafening.