Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sanfelippo's "Dead School" Idea? Not Good

When Conservatives complain about "too much Gummint," there's a reason.

Rep. Sanfelippo provides an example!!

...Under the bill, the state would clearly define a vacant or underutilized school and require that those schools be sold, with other educational operators such as private or charter schools having the first opportunity to buy the underutilized of vacant schools....

Umnnhhh.  Yes, MPS is a bunch of twits.  Yes, MPS is the very definition of 'wastrel.'  But let's attack the cause:  MPS has too much money--much of which is provided by taxpayers in Grant, Dane, Brown, and Trempeleau Counties.

 So Joe:  cut off the money from the State.

Let the locals pay the freight for their idiot elected Board members.

Setting the new precedent that the State 1) can and should define 'underutilized' and 2) can and should direct disposition of local assets is going to allow the Other Party to do the same.  In other words, Joe, you're adding to the Big Gummint pile of bricks.

Actual Conservatives believe in the law of subsidiarity.  Be a Conservative, Joe. 

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