Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The FBI, CIA, and.....the Post Office?

There is no question that Big Brother is watching you.  In the last 2 years or so, NSA's pervasive and all-encompassing surveillance schemes have been at least partially exposed; and if you think the FBI isn't part of that game, you're naive in the extreme.

All in the name of "terrorism," ya'know, because damn near every American can be a "terrorist."  Pro-life?  Terrorist.  Pro-Second Amendment?  Terrorist.  Don't like Obozo's policies?  Terrorist and RAAAAAACISSS, too!!

Use a computer, use a cellphone, use a land-line, mail a letter, you will be watched.  Go to the doctor?  We have the Obozo Mandate's computer records for that, fella.

Now it turns out that the Post Office--that lumbering bankrupt--does more than just scan your mail.

Sharyl Atkisson found out:

...The FBI often works in close conjunction with the postal service on computer cases, and there’s evidence implicating illegal or unauthorized connection into my system from a postal computer that’s not online or accessible by anybody in the public… A set of IP addresses implicate the post office in some of this or at least the use of their computer systems....

Laugh?  Or cry?

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