Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Does Grover Norquist Hate Americans?

Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform has 'grown' beyond its johnny-one-note tax silliness.

Now they are also self-proclaimed experts on H1-B immigration

Except they're wrong--which doesn't prevent them from their yappy-dog antics.

How about some mathematical and econometric facts?

...what’s wrong with giving visas to those with graduate degrees?  Aren’t they more qualified?  If not enough Americans pursue graduate study, isn’t it justified to fill this “gap” with foreign workers?  The answer is very simple:  NO....

...One can argue whether having a doctorate in computer science is a big thing or not (I would argue mainly not), but the point is that it is irrelevant.  At least in the case of CS, in the special 20,000-visa H-1B category, we are talking about Master’s students.  Hence my term, the Master’s Category.
You may ask, “Aren’t workers with Master’s degree holders better, more qualified?”  My firm answer is NO....

So Grover's "Master's degree" claim is hogwash.

As to anti-Americanism:

...the bill fails to deliver on another claim made in the above press release:  “[the bill would help employers hire immigrants] while making reforms to protect [US.] workers.”  I’ve read both the summary and full text of the bill, and there is NOTHING there about U.S. worker protections....

Matloff, cited above, has demonstrated that there is not any "shortage" of Americans in STEM fields*  None.  And there is, therefore, no "need" to import questionably-qualified STEM majors.  None.

So what does Norquist have against Americans?

*Read the EPI paper linked in Matloff's post

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