Thursday, January 29, 2015

If At First You Miserably Fail....

Seems like the solons of Connecticut don't really get it.  With 80++% of its citizens simply ignoring the "register your guns" law, they're now proposing another "register your guns" law.

Ya'know, just in case that 80++% forgot about the first one.

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Saint Revolution said...

Meanwhile, as per usual, Sheriff David Clarke, like all government, is living in some alternate universe.

Clarke, you are kidding me, right?! Running off at your taxpayer-overpaid mouth again?!

"..."...I want to spend some time critiquing...The Department Of Justice and use it as a framework as a way forward," Clarke said. "Incendiary rhetoric...created a pathway for a false narrative that then became the rallying cry for cop haters across America. It sparked and justified hatred for America's law enforcement agents and its offices..."..."

Really, Clarke?!

It was simply "incendiary language" from DOJ and NOT thousands, if not tens of thousands, of incidences of massive felonious cop criminality and abuse of citizenry, over years of time, wth NO administrative NOR judicial accountability, much of it caught on video, across the country, wherein the jackasses in blue continuously act like and believe they are above the law, that "...sparked and justified hatred for America's law enforcement agents and its offices..."?!


Mr.-Call-My-Buddies-And-Use-The-System-For-Personal-Vengeance-UnAvailable-To-TaxPayers-Who-Foot-The-Bill-For Your-System-Abuse-Because-Somebody-Gave-You-The-Finger-On-The-FreeWay?!

"..."...they are the community's finest..."..."

Oh, puh-leeease. You gotta be kidding me.

Clark, I've news for you: NOBODY believes this tired old rhetoric any more about you union government parasites.

"..."...without them our communities would collapse into utter chaos..."..."

Oh, shut your face you self-important government parasite.

You false-and-pseudo-conservative overpaid, over-pensioned, over-perquisited union-blue system-and-citizen abuser.

Government diatribing to government with NO input from citizenry. Now THERE'S a recipe for solutions. /sarcasm