Monday, January 26, 2015

Pantywaist v. Putin

Obozo--the very model of Pantywaist Pussy, is pushing the wrong people's buttons, according to this ex-counter-intel guy:

...To the shock and dismay of hopeful Westerners, including nearly all NATO leaders, the hard hit of sanctions has caused Russians to hate the West, not Putin. Most Russians view their war in Ukraine as a legitimate defense of Russians and Russian interests, certainly nothing like America’s aggressive wars of choice halfway around the world, and they are backing the Kremlin now.

Word of this defiance has even crept into The New York Times, which otherwise is a pitch-perfect expression of the WEIRD worldview. As Russian troops are advancing deeper into Ukraine, fresh from victory at Donetsk, NYT asked what on earth is going on here, why would Russians want more war now that the cost of it all to their economy is becoming obvious? The explanation was proffered by a Moscow economist: “The influence of economists as a whole has completely vanished,” he opined about the Kremlin: “The country is on a holy mission. It’s at war with the United States, so why would you bother about the small battleground, the economy?”

Once again, Westerners have imagined Putin is just like one of their leaders — cautious, timid even, obsessed with Wall Street and finely tuned to what big donors care about — when our Chekist-in-Charge is nothing of the sort. With perfect timing, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the powerful Russian Orthodox Church, addressed the Duma this week, for the very first time, delivering a speech long on social conservatism, including a plea to ban abortions to help Russian demographics, as well as a caution to ignore the West’s dangerous “pseudo-values.” Putin’s Russia is inching ever closer to Byzantine-style symphonia, and in the war against America and the West that is coming — and, according to many Russians, is already here — the Kremlin wants its people to be spiritually fortified for a long fight....

Russia is not the biggest foreign policy problem, of course; ISIS holds that spot, and will continue there as the entire Middle East goes into a bloodbath.  Think it's just Yemen?  Then check the health reports on the new King of Saud--and by the way, how's that Saudi Army doing?  Better, how will it do with around 30 crown princes vying for control of those oil revenues?

One advantage in electing the Pantywaist:  his Patriots-style deflateds will not support throwing US troops into that mess.  Given his strategic stupidity, it's better (for them AND us) that they stay home.

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