Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Bankruptcy of AllahLibertarian

We remarked last night, following the lines of an essay on the topic, that Bill Donahue had exactly the correct position on the Hebdo massacre, and that Hewitt refused to follow Donahue's argument.  One suspects that Hewitt knew he would lose--or maybe not; Hewitt is not a deep thinker.

Anyhoo, AllahLibertarian weighs in on the same issue, and displays exactly the same mental vacuum as did Hewitt.  (And these people are "pundits" deserving of respect?)

Brief:  there are two kinds of laws, moral (natural) and positive.  Moral (natural) law is superior to and antecedes positive law.  Thus, what is legal is not necessarily moral.

Hebdo's "cartoons" are violations of the moral/natural law, but not of positive law.

So are abortions.

There is no justification for murder, period--whether by offended Muzzies or by abortionists.  And there is no justification for moronic, deliberately un-informed, pundits.

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Anonymous said...

They're libertarians. What did you expect?