Friday, January 23, 2015

Decimation for Republicans!

Ace has a perfectly wonderful rant, and re-states his very excellent idea.

...Here's a not terribly-well-kept secret: Most of the GOP establishment -- the elected officials, the shadow government of consultants and "think tank" people and so on -- has spent the great majority of its adult life in Progressive Dominated Social Circles, and have largely adopted their mores on a great many issues.

I'm not as bothered by this state of affairs as some conservatives might be; after all, I'm socially moderate (or even liberal-ish) myself. 

But where I can agree with other conservatives is on this issue: The GOP must stop lying about every fucking thing.

We've noted that Jim Sensenbrenner was AGAINST Cromnibus just after he was FOR it.  (And the "FOR" it resulted in passage, as Sensenbrenner knew full-well.)

We've also noted that RoJo was AGAINST ObozoCare before he went all limp-dick and kinda-sorta-maybe-ish doesn't really like it, but he sues a lot to prove he's .....something.

And of course, "Responsible Ryan" crammed the largest budget in history down the throats of the electorate while posing for Holy Pictures as an advocate of subsidiarity.


...When a Roman legion was guilty of cowardice or mutiny, they were sentenced to the punishment of Decimation, the execution of every tenth man, to encourage the remaining 9/10ths to take their obligations to the Roman state more seriously.

It is time to begin the practice of Tactical Decimation -- just firing people from their sinecures, not executing them, of course -- to let the GOP know we have no further need of soldiers who refuse to fight.

Line 'em up!!

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