Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flim-Flam Boehner & The Sensenbrenner Shuffle

The flim-flam man a/k/a the "speaker of the house" has a new card-trick he wants you to see. 

And Part 2, the Sensenbrenner question!!

...With constituents burning up their phone lines to protest the CRomnibus as it headed to a vote, jittery Republicans pleaded with leadership for a fig leaf they could portray as real opposition to Obama. GOP leaders accommodated them by carving the Department of Homeland Security out of the agreement to fund the whole government for a year. The DHS behemoth includes the agencies that enforce – or, rather, refrain from enforcing – the immigration laws....

OK, so?

 ...The scenario enabled Republicans to maintain their pose as opponents of unconstitutional executive amnesty (even though many of them actually support Obama’s amnesty policy). Yet, it also provided a ready-made excuse for retreat. How, after all, could Republicans possibly put funding for “homeland security” in jeopardy? By teeing up the controversy as if it were a battle over anti-terrorism dollars, rather than pro-amnesty dollars, Republicans left themselves an escape hatch: When the time was right, they could withdraw their opposition to Obama’s amnesty scheme while portraying themselves as mature, responsible guardians of public safety....

Ahhhhh..  SAFETY!!  That's the ticket!!

...As if on cue, jihadists trained by al Qaeda carried out mass-murders in Paris. Meanwhile in Cincinnati, Christopher Lee Cornell, a would-be Islamist terrorist inspired by ISIS, was arrested for planning to bomb the U.S. Capitol.

Instantly, the GOP spin machine cranked into high gear: Senator John Cornyn, now the majority whip, promised an “unequivocal commitment to funding” DHS – “we’re not going to put that at risk under any circumstances.” “We recognize the important role that the Department of Homeland Security plays in this country,” intoned John Thune, the Senate’s third-ranking Republican. According to his House counterpart, GOP Conference chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Republicans must “work very closely with the president,” when it comes to “keep[ing] the country safe.” ...

McCarthy points out that the FBI actually does "homeland security" and is part of the Justice Department, not DHS.

But the cake's been baked.  The Flim-Flam Man will do exactly what the Chamber of Commerce told them to do:  give Obozo whatever he wants.  Cheap labor, ya'know.

The only question remaining:  will Sensenbrenner be For It Before He's Against It, or Against It Before He's For It?

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