Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MU Wants Secret Faculty With Unlimited Powers

Well, this is an interesting turn of events.  Marquette University wants its TA 'faculty' names kept secret when that 'faculty' stifles speech on the pretext of PC.

Following is the operative graf from a nastygram sent to the kinda-sorta-maybe-ish "non-suspended" Professor McAdams:

....Your recent actions in publicizing on the internet the name of our now-former graduate student, who had been secretly recorded by one of her students [redacted], require University review. Whatever your views of this secretly-recorded exchange in the graduate student’s office, and whatever your thoughts about separate classroom interactions that you did not observe (and putting aside the multiple other ways any concerns you had about our graduate student could have been advanced) you had no justification to put our graduate student’s name in your internet posts. The personal impact on her was plainly foreseeable,...

At Marquette, the TA enjoys absolute power over the class.  They lecture, devise, administer, and grade exams, and are to be treated as if they were professor-status creatures.  That's justifiable, I suppose.  But that power, when abused, can draw a reaction.

Ms. Abbate apparently got some hate-mail as a result of her intemperate use of her power, and fled.

So MU now (in effect) accuses McAdams of endangering the safety of this poor snowflake by publishing her name?


Really? Unlimited powers in the classroom but "secret"?  Dzerzhinsky comes to mind.

(Read the rest of the link for Esenberg's response and escalation.  Then buy some popcorn.)

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