Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ugh. What I Don't Get....(Packers)

OK.  Seattle scores, making it 22-14.  Green Bay gets the ball back with around 4 minutes in regulation time.

So the Packers call a running play with Lacy.  No gain.  Another running play, little/any gain.

Rodgers has been VERY successful with 5-yard passes over the middle up to this point.

So the Packers call another running play, no gain, punt?

Sorry.  I think the Pack decided to play "prevent offense."


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Burnett falling to the ground with an open field in front of him after that interception also leaves me scratching my head.

Badger Catholic said...

The coaching staff has to instill a higher level of aggressiveness, at least in attitude if not in play calling. Cowering in fear with a 16 point lead is disgusting.