Monday, August 26, 2013

The Back-and-Forthright GOP

When Walt Kelly, Pogo's creator, invented the back-and-forthright Senator Foghorn Leghorn, John Boehner was only cryin' when he didn't get enough attention from his Mommy.

Now Cryin' John gets lots of attention, and--though not a Senator--has become the Back-and-Forthright pol that Kelly satirized; and he's managed to co-opt the office of Paul Ryan in the process.

Back in January, as Republicans geared up for a fight on the debt ceiling, House Republican Leaders assured their constituents that a continuing resolution was the way to fight Obamacare.

... Former Speaker Newt Gingrich went on CBS to advise Republicans that their fight with Barack Obama should be during a continuing resolution fight, not a debt ceiling fight.

... Well, now it is later. And having first told the Republican base that it would have to wait until the continuing resolution and not the debt ceiling fight, now the GOP is telling everyone that it will make its stand on the debt ceiling fight. Never mind that Republicans have said repeatedly that they would never allow the U.S. to default. Never mind that in January, when conservatives tried to get House Republican leaders to fight over Obamacare through the debt ceiling, the GOP got every willing right-of-center columnist, talking head, and pundit to bash conservatives. They told us we could not afford to default on our obligations.

Below, we asked the question 'Fools or Knaves?' about the House "Intelligence" Committee.

In Cryin' John's case, we KNOW the answer.  He's a lying sack of s*&^, the longhand form of knave.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, Boehner has a learning disability. Such an incredible disappointment.