Thursday, August 01, 2013

Paul Ryan's Double-Talk Express

We could call it the "Straight Talk Express", but let's cut to the chase:  it's double-talk.

A week or so ago, Paul Ryan proposed a new economic theory that increasing the supply of a commodity will increase the price of that commodity.

It was buried in typical political double-talk, but there it is!  Chairman, Budget, believes in the tooth fairy, unicorns, and pixie-dust.  Because seashells and balloons.

The Ryan Double-Talk Express now requires you to believe this one:

...Bringing these bills to the floor, we’ll find out. It is not, “they don’t come to the floor unless we have a majority of the majority,” because we don’t know if we have a majority until we vote on it....

IOW, Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan are voiding the "Hastert Rule" but not voiding the "Hastert Rule."

Because rainbows and unicorn farts, you see.

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