Thursday, August 29, 2013

Either Amnesty or Mass Rape

From the mouth of Paul Ryan's amnesty-deal BFF:

...“What we need to understand is today, someone is going to die in that desert trying to return to their families; women and men are going to die in that desert,” Gutierrez said in the video, captured by C-SPAN (beginning at ~47:12). “Someone’s going to lose a finger, a hand, an eye, a life today because an unscrupulous employer is going to put them in harm’s way. Someone’s going to die.”

He continued, “There’s a woman that’s going to be raped in a field somewhere in America today because she has no rights in this country, and we need to end that."...

Huh?  So when amnesty happens, rape will stop?

Put another way:  if no amnesty, more rapes?

Given the track record to date, the perps will be illegals.  They're also pretty good at DUI homicides, by the way. 

Amnesty will cure all that, eh?

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