Saturday, August 10, 2013

No Kidding, Mr. Hillyer!

Hillyer notes the essence of the problem with the Hypocritical Exemption.

This sort of special exemption for government workers is not a merely symbolic annoyance; instead, it feeds a perception that soon becomes an attitude that soon makes itself manifest in various actions. The perception is that government workers are above the law; the attitude that can grow among the federal workforce is that those workers are our masters rather than our servants; and the actions that flow from that attitude can include many abuses, small and large, of privacy or liberty.

Yah, like IRS' squashing of conservative activists, NSA's "total war" infogame....stuff like that, hey.


Anonymous said...

The fact that elected officials at the federal and state level are over compensated is nothing new.

Stricter/shorter term limits would be a good start in ending this sense of privilege.

Incumbency needs to become a liability in an election.

Anonymous said...

You are in a unique position to offer commentary on hypocritical exemptions. Your situational ethics are second to none.