Saturday, August 03, 2013

Acerbically Yours, Steyn

This guy Steyn is a national treasure.

Any day now, Hillary Clinton, having spent 20 minutes in the private sector, will be needing a new “transition team” to help her transition into replacing President Obama. He’s “smart” and “accomplished,” too. He had a million bucks of elite education — Occidental College, Columbia University, Harvard Law School — and became a “community organizer.” His wife went to Princeton and became a 350-grand-a-year diversity-outreach coordinator, a job so vital to the University of Chicago Hospitals that when she quit to become first lady they didn’t bother replacing her. This is what it means to be “smart” and “accomplished” in the hyperpower at twilight.  --quoted at Cold Fury


Anonymous said...

He is a national Canada. Along with fellow countryman Ted Cruz.

Saint Revolution said...

She didn't quit...she was fired for involvement in a Chicago city scandal...and she was HANDED that job...she never earned a penny of it...and then she was handed her hat...

OBlack himself also quit before he was fired.

Barry the fraud and his stinknificannot other...a couple of real winners...or is that sinners?