Saturday, August 03, 2013

Gun Control: Lying WIth Massaged Language

It's not a co-incidence that AG Holder and all the rest sound the same about gun control.

GQR advises gun control groups that in order to be effective in making progress toward their stated goal of restricting gun rights and enacting gun bans, they must use specific terms to counter Stand Your Ground self-defense laws, such as “Shoot First” laws or “Kill at Will” legislation. The objective is to tar and feather sensible self-defense by using such derogatory language every chance they get. And indeed, these phrases have been used repeatedly by Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and others on the front lines of the gun ban movement.

The firm also advises that gun control advocates avoid using the term “duty to retreat” in support of their position, due to the fact that the term is viewed negatively by the public, not to mention that the Supreme Court and lower courts have ruled over a long period of years that citizens have no duty to retreat if their lives are immediately threatened.  --quoted at Protein Wisdom

There's an 80-page PDF at the link which exposes their entire re-working of logic and English.


Anonymous said...

"Lying with messaged language." You mean they are using focus group terms a la Frank Luntz for "death taxes" and "death panels"? How Machiavellian!

Gregory said...

A pdf file containing the full 80-page gun control playbook can be found here. - See more at:

Dad, The Link at Protein wisdon does not work so we can not view the 80 page playbook.