Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jesse Jackson Jr. Now a Rich Slimebag

The slimebag suddenly developed a "mood disorder" which pays him $100K+/year in Federal "disability" pay.

Not bad at all.

This gives rise to the question "How much is paid to other Federal "disability" cases, and what is their "disability"?"


Grim said...

I wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper to bribe them as disability cases16 than to let them bribe themselves as active Congressmen.

Anonymous said...

The VA forked out nearly $50b in 2011 in disability payments. It's a freakin' shame that a 100 percent disabled service member only gets $35k/yr in direct comp (imagine the health care side is significantly higher).

BTW your boy Delay banks a similar amount of cash for his "service" in Congress, as do all the other worthless suits once they're ousted.

Tartar said...

It's like I said a couple of weeks ago, give them all the counseling they want, not a penny in disability. Mood Disorder? What the heck is that? I get a mood disorder just thinking about that. Sounds to me like a congenital or developmental abnormality to me.

As far as the VA "forking out" as Anon puts it, $50bn, it would be interesting to see what percentage of that is paid to PTSD shysters. (Just to make it clear, there are no doubt some bona fide hard PTSD cases, but not as many as you'd think.) I find it hard to equate them with the double amputees and other severely physically disabled who would rather not be in the hard and hopeless conditions they are right now.

Let me repeat another point: How many people do you think would go for PTSD counseling if there were no compensation paid?