Sunday, August 04, 2013

It's What's for Dinner!!

We expect Moochie, HHS, and EPA to be wildly enthusiastic (using your tax dollars) about this.  But we don't expect the czars and czarinas to actually lead by example.

“Black soldier flies themselves do not eat, they just drink. And they do not transmit any disease to humans,” Unger explains. “Unlike normal house flies they usually do not sit on food and they do not sting or bite, either. They also fly very slowly, so in case one should escape it is easy to catch them.” [...]

The larvae have a nutty, almost meaty flavor, Unger says, and her favorite dish is a tomato larvae risotto. But as tasty as it may be, and as well as Farm 432 may work, Unger admits that the design challenge is only part of making such an idea a success.

“With my design I am proposing a new lifestyle,” she says. “It’s about a potential new Western culture of insect eating and breeding. It’s about making people aware that there is a great variety of food on our planet that we rarely consider.”  --quoted at Protein Wisdom (cough)

And you thought that boiled spinach was bad.....

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Anonymous said...

Any surprise that something that moves slowly and doesn't do anything is BLACK?