Thursday, August 15, 2013

Disabled? Really?

Walker has quite a ways to go to re-write Wisconsin disability-pay practices for public employees.

Stephen Heimsness was exonerated in a shooting death in November, but he could have faced termination stemming from accusations that he violated several policies.

Heimsness is seeking early retirement due to post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from the November shooting of Paul Heenan.

If his request for disability benefits is approved, he could get $57,200.04 annually, a Wisconsin Reporter analysis showed.

What used to be called "battle fatigue" has become PTSD, and now only a couple of gunshots "trigger" this horrible result in this poor widdle cop.  Compare his "trauma" to that of the survivors of D-Day, or of Iwo, or Pork-Chop Hill, or even of

One wonders if Heimsness is a man, or a mouse.

IMHO, if he is awarded disability, he should be confined to his home for the rest of his life.  Poor fellow could suffer again--horribly--if he heard a horn honking or a firecracker.  Can't be too careful, ya'know.


Anonymous said...

This one night, I was banging two Pakistani male prostitutes and when I came, the one yelled "Aloha Snack Bar" or some other diaperhead talk.

As a result, I have PTSD and get $4500 a month from the state for my condition. The bitch of it is that crystal meth costs keep going up, and that asshole Walker hasn't increased my benefits.

Anonymous said...

Gotta deny that disability and move him off the payroll before the wrongful death suit gets rolling. Then the prick can pay for his own defense while the city settles out of court and lets him twist in the wind. It's all CYA now.

Tartar said...

PTSD? Pay'em for all the counseling they need (or want), and not a cent for compensation, just like the Aussie equivalent of our VA. At least that's what I hear the Aussies handled these maladies of the soul. Anyway, if we Yanks were to adopt this practice, how much do you think the need for counseling would increase?