Tuesday, August 06, 2013

RoJo's on the Wrong End of the Cannon

Jerry Bader is sympathetic as RoJo attempts to defend the Boyzzz of D.C..

"Your 80% you 90% your 99% friend is still your friend and what’s happening right now in the conservative movement we are starting to shoot people who are 99% our friend."  --Sen. Ron Johnson

Johnson reiterated several times that conservatives are losing sight of the goal by getting bogged down in strategy; we all agree Obamacare should be stopped, the question is how.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a driving force behind the defund movement. Johnson refused to criticize Cruz, trying to live by his own rules. But Johnson made it clear that if Republicans don’t unify they’re doomed. Johnson prefers the delay strategy, mostly because he believes Republicans might get enough Democrats to join in that effort. But what’s the end game in that strategy? Delay for how long? And what happens during the delay? Uncertainty, that’s what.
...I’m not sure what the right answer is. But Senator Ron Johnson wants angry conservative voters to know that, in his words, "eating our own," isn’t the answer.
RoJo happens to be standing at the wrong end of the cannon; in fact, he was not even born when the problems began--with Wilson--and he's not the proximate cause.  But he, Ryan, Sensenbrenner, and the execrable Boehner/McConnell Gang are at a moment in history where the center may no longer hold.
Most of the tools the Obozo Regime is using were handed to them by Republican and Democrat Statists of the past:  the IRS, EPA, Dept. of Education and NSA being prominent in the band.  The Bank Bailouts, the GM/Chrysler Bailout, the cronyism, the inane effort to 'install democracy in the Middle East'....shall we go on?
But Obama has taken the next step of  simply ignoring law and doing whatever the Hell he wants to do.

The opposition party (which was, I remind you, complicit in all but the law-breaking) now discovers that it has become The Enemy.  The light-bulb and toilet-regulators, the unnatural-sex-and-abortion pushers, the Corn-a-Holers, the War Party--all are populated with (R) names.

And the people have had enough of this.  The frustration boils over; and RoJo happens to be standing in the middle of the tracks between two high-speed freight trains approaching from opposite directions.

I'm sympathetic, too.  But RoJo said that he would take down ObozoCare.

And he damn well better DO it.


Anonymous said...

Because I have anal sex with men does not make me an enemy.

I'm reporting you for hate crimes.

Anonymous said...

Why do you want to repeal Obamacare?

Anonymous said...

Some outstanding analysis why Obamacare is going to reduce costs and increase productivity:


Anonymous said...

Dad is just parroting the noise coming from the GOP clown car. He hasn't taken time to read the bill so his vitriol is taken from the reactionary talking points.

Anonymous said...

Anon 08:50

You remind me of a kid I knew in Jr. HS who tried to fit in by trying to be clever.

When I learned that he hung himself at age 25 I thought the world was a better place, until you came along...

Anonymous said...

The proper word is "hanged," semen stain.

I knew a kid like you from the old neighborhood, too. Thankfully, his mother had access to a Planned Parenthood and terminated him at 11 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Why did your mom kill your bro, dude?

Anonymous said...

You mean murdered. You also contradict yourself once again.

Thanks for playing...