Sunday, August 18, 2013

HHS' Husbandry

Oh, they're careful with those tax dollars.

The Homeland Security Department spent $600,000 apiece to build houses in Arizona that would have gone for less than $100,000, according to a report in the Arizona Republic that’s raising questions in Congress.

Six to one.  Pentagon toilet seats, DHS houses, and ObozoCare.  What a Country!!

...Homeland Security officials repeatedly refused to answer the newspaper’s questions about the project, the Republic said....

Well, silly, it's a "security" thing.  Right there in the Department's title, stupid. 

And besides, the housing if Gummint-Approved Triple-A Wowzer!!

“These homes have been constructed in line with federally mandated requirements, designed for long-term use with minimal maintenance in a harsh climate,” Mr. Friel said.

He said the homes were built as Energy Star-rated homes and are 75 percent more efficient than the average homes in the area.

Oh.  OK, then.  No problem.  Sorry we brought it up.

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