Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who Said "Shutdown"?

One of the First Things in politics is "Never, ever, adopt the language of the enemy."

So when Ted Cruz and Mike Lee started the movement to de-fund ObozoCare, they never said "shut down" the Gummint.

The White House and Harry Reid said that.  A compliant press repeated it endlessly.

De-funding the administration of ObozoCare--thus, stopping its implementation by turning off the money-spigot paying thousands of bureaucrats to write millions of rules--is NOT "shutting down" Gummint.  It is simply de-funding ObozoCare.

But the simpleton semi-Statist Pubbies made a fatal error:  they used the Enemy's term:  "shutdown."

And they wet their own pants in fear, and they will drown the country in their pee-puddles.

Men with chests?  Nope.


Anonymous said...

The Quebec Kid and his trusty Mormon sidekick lead an evil foreign plot to thwart our Constitutionally enacted law under false pretense. Real Americans don't take their marching orders from Canadian born ubermen.

Anonymous said...

Any attempt to "defund" Obamacare will require appropriations legislation or a Continuing Resolution to fund the rest of the government and not the ACA. The Senate won't pass it and the President won't sign that.

Without appropriate legislation or a Continuing Resolution, there is no funding for Obamacare or anything else. In other words, a government shutdown.

steveegg said...

Then it's on Obama's and Reid's heads because they view PlaceboCare as more important than the rest of government.

Anonymous said...

No, it's the GOPer's fault because they view defeating Obama as more important than the rest of the government and the rest of the people. This is clear since most of Obamacare is based on conservative ideas and principles.

steveegg said...

That must be the Cuban definition of "conservative".

Or perhaps you were refering to Heritage (circa 1994) liking an individual mandate. They saw it doesn't work and moved off it, which is more than what can be said about lieberals.

Anonymous said...

"They saw it didn't work and moved off it."

Oh really? Where did they see it not work, exactly?

Anonymous said...

It seems to be working quite well for folks in Massachusetts. And from all accounts, the cardinals are pleased with PopozoCare at the Vatican.

Dad29 said...

It works VERY well to increase the cost of health insurance in Massachusetts.

SO you're right: it works well. It drags down the disposable income of all MA residents.

Why don't you bring up England, which is such a marvelous story of Nirvana achieved?

Anonymous said...

And of course the cost of health insurance stayed flat in the ten years preceding implementation of Romnyecare. Right?

England ranks 18th by the World Health Organization for health care systems while the US is ranked 20 places lower at 38. At the same time the US ranks 1st in cost per capita while England ranks 26th.

So, um, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steveegg,

I got your "conservative" ideas right here

Well debunked.