Friday, August 30, 2013

How Idiotic ARE the NSA Managers?

Apparently Snowden was a busy little beaver.

In a signed statement revealed at Friday’s hearing, a detective superintendent with the Counter-Terrorism  branch of the Metropolitan Police said that the material on an “external hard drive” seized from him “discloses approximately 58,000 UK documents of the highest level of classification.”--NBC News quoted at Hot Air

At least the Brits could count up the coup.

The NSA?  Not so much:

...The NSA, as it turns out, didn’t have the kind of controls in place for them to know just how much Snowden managed to purloin while working in two consecutive jobs as a contractor to the agency.  Of course, the NSA also didn’t have enough security in place to keep the files from being stolen in the first place...

Whatever the Managerial Class at NSA is paid, it is too much by at least 3 orders of magnitude. And I think that we should find them guilty of treason-by-misrepresentation-of-capability.  That is, they should be shot at dawn for being idiots.

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