Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Collapse of the Culture

A very noteworthy quotation:

"When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them." - Plato, Republic

I cadged that from an entry which makes several other good points echoing E. Michael Jones' (Ph.D) commentaries in his "Culture Wars" and "Fidelity" journals.

Whether one agrees with the rest of Vox' post or not, Plato's statement is valid.  We've seen that in the Roman Catholic church--in the West, generally, but particularly in the US--where the Church has utterly failed to catechize her members over the last 50 years.  That's admitted by no less than Cdl. Tim Dolan.

The "Rembert Revolution" of ~1965 had consequences.


Tartar said...

You're darned tootin'. If it's not gay Broadway-tunes it's Protestant revival/pastoral music from the 19th century. And this at my parish in Chicago, which is trying in so many other ways to restore worship to what Our Lord deserves.

Mike Jones had an interview in his magazine with a fellow named Omar Westendorf (excuse the spelling, I'm going by memory) who was mostly a translator of lyrics-- you know, change a word or two here or there, especially if they're gender inclusive,and the royalties roll in. The problem is he says he was stiffed by the music publishers. Stay 10 minutes after Mass this Sunday, you know, when the padres are yukking it up in the "narthex" and look at the throwaway missal your parish most likely uses. Most contain subscription rates in the front or the back pages, then do the math. Let me get your started: 300 million Americans, 25% Catholic, 10% go to Mass any given Sunday...

Then look at the songs, and scan to the bottom of the song to see who rewrote it- and who owns it. The Wanderer had a couple of articles on this a few years ago, for anyone who wants to look them up. Wasn't R. Weakland involved in, among other things, the Catholic "music industry?"

Oh and hey, not to get off they subject, but how are things in the Milwaukee Catholic cemeteries?

Dad29 said...

IIRC, it was Om*e*r Westendorf. Yah, and he was pretty good at what he did, too. Wrote the commissioned hymn of the '76 Eucharistic Congress which was pretty good stuff.

I don't think Rembert had any particular financial interest in the music industry. He was a Great Pretender--almost got his Ph.D. and had a self-promoted reputation as a piano player but actual work? Not so much.

The cemetery funds have been preserved by order of the Federal BK judge here, thank God.

Tartar said...

Thanks for updating me. I am by no means a follower of all this, but wasn't RW an impresario who opened doors for friends? By financial interest, are you talking payola, ownership, or both?Anyway if my impression was wrong, I'll be glad for correction. But some bishops must letting some friends get rich-- who madates which missals will be used and which copyrighted songs go into the missals? Some of these guys could be ward committeemen if they lived in Chicago! Your committeeman knows how to tend to cemeteries.

My overall point isn't that Omer didn't et his pyle, but that there are sharks thinking more going after the bread and a the laity is left with the whine.

Saint Revolution said...

What?! Palestrina doesn't work for OCP Oregon Catholic Press in a back room with Bernie Taupin and Elton John?!

Why, I'm shocked!

Everything's public domain to crooks.

Papa noster, qui es in caelis, ... send me money...!