Monday, March 04, 2013

Why Eddie Flynn Obfuscates

You recall our post on Eddie Flynn, the political slime of the Milwaukee PD.

You recall that he very carefully did NOT break down the numbers of 'cops shot by semiautomatic weapons.'

There's a reason.  He was trying to infringe on the 2A rights of law-abiding citizens.

Here's the reality:

...What do the official FBI crime statistics say? 3.76%. That is the proportion of 2011 firearm homicides in which a rifle was documented as the weapon. Compare that to 4.15% for shotguns and 72.47% for handguns. (Rifles were implicated in 2.55% of all murders.) An important qualification should be made: 19.62% of cases involved “Other guns or type not stated.” I am also taking for granted that the FBI database is reliable. That being said, handguns were documented more than 19 times as frequently as rifles....

In Eddie Flynn's world, it's the cops vs. the citizens, and facts/statistics be damned.

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Billiam said...

C'mon, Dad. He's more like that cop in Blade Runner. "You know the score Dekerd! You're either Cop, or little people!" Flynn doesn't see us as 'citizens'. just like his masters.