Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mollie Hemingway Is Right

First thing that occurred to me on Portman's *cough* switcheroo was exactly what Hemingway posted:

Leaving apart the question of whether marriage law should be changed, this strikes me as a problematic approach. I mean, marriage law should be changed or it shouldn’t be changed — but it shouldn’t hinge on the sexual attractions of one senator’s son, should it?
What if a conservative senator said, “I’m reversing my views on whether abortion should be legal because my daughter got pregnant and wished she weren’t.”
One of the fascinating things about society today is that personal experience trumps everything else in argumentation. Very few people seem to care about fundamental truths and principles while everyone seems to care about personal experience and emotion. It’s the Oprahfication of political philosophy.
Seems to me that Portman's "faith-based" prior opposition is the problem. It is NOT 'a matter of faith.' 

It is a matter of nature.

HT:  HotAir

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