Saturday, March 23, 2013

The *Need* for Groundhogs? Or the "Need" to Take Out Jacque?

Ahhh, the agenda of Da Press.  Here you'll see how a "reporter" attacks both an insignificant change in Wisconsin law AND the Left's most-hated Wisconsin legislator.  The latter is the real reason for the story, folks.

...Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) is putting the finishing touches on a bill that would remove woodchucks from Wisconsin's protected species list and allow people to kill an unlimited number of woodchucks during a season that would run nearly year-round. Jacque said woodchucks don't serve protected status because they're abundant and a nuisance...

"There really isn't a good justification for why woodchucks are on the protected list," Jacque said. "(The season) is more to control a nuisance. I can imagine they can certainly do some damage."...

Jacque is right.  The damn things are eating machines, their population is huge, and they are a nuisance.

But that's irrelevant to the "reporter" who is on the mission!!

The bill represents another expansion of hunting rights in Wisconsin and promises to reignite a years-old debate over whether hunters really need another target species.

"...hunters NEED"?  Really?  The question is control of a pest, not "needs" of hunters.

The "reporter"'s game, however, has little to do with "hunters", "needs", or pest-control.  It has to do with Jacque, who happens to be the Number One anti-abortion legislator in the State of Wisconsin.

That means Jacque must be taken down, no matter the method.  Anything he does will be fair game.

This begs the question:  does Wisconsin "need" agitprop reporters?


Anonymous said...

So people don't "need" to protect their property from a species that can do a lot of damage.

Once again, the left shows its priorities are anything environmental before people.

James Pawlak said...

Such reporters are also useless, over abundant "eating machines"

That suggest a parallel solution.

Anonymous said...

Most left wing bloggers are, too.

Fucking Zach Wisniewski must be pushing three bills now.