Monday, March 04, 2013

Man-Up Time in Congress

Last year, Sensenbrenner, Ribble, and Duffy signed a letter promising to de-fund ObozoCare.

Ryan?  M.I.A

Petri?  Fat and lazy--and he thinks the same of you.

Next week the House will pass a continuing resolution to fund Gummint for a year.  Will Sensenbrenner, Ribble, and Duffy man-up and keep their promise?

Will Ryan get onto the right side of history--or toss his presidential aspirations into the toilet of ObozoCare?

Will Petri ever retire and relieve us of his statist moanings?

1 comment:

Billiam said...

They are men without chests. Or testicular fortitude. Promises are for suckers these days, where politicians are involved. Too cynical?