Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Law and The Ass

In the case at hand, The Ass is a homosexual-activist who happens to be a (retired) jurist.

“This blog post is a piece of journalism, breaking a story that should be of public interest regarding the conduct of a former jurist on a significant case. This site does not advocate an anti-gay rights agenda, and the proprietor of this web site is a supporter of gay marriage (although he disapproves of the imposition of gay marriage on society through judicial fiat)…..But the behavior of Walker, as revealed by these emails, creates the appearance of a partisan rather than an impartial former jurist who simply believes he issued a correct ruling. Walker was so invested in his ruling that he wanted to watch the appellate courts’ argument himself. He went out of his way to make sure that he consulted with the winning side to help them prevail in the appellate courts. Specifically, he sought to learn whether his attendance at the appellate arguments would be acceptable to the prevailing party — and when told it would not be, he deferred to the prevailing party’s media strategy. All of this, cumulatively, suggests an emotional investment in the outcome of the case. The emails are likely to reinforce the widely held perception among Prop. 8 supporters that Walker was less than impartial in his rulings during the trial.”  --Patterico, quoted at Shepherd

No s*&^, Sherlock.


Jim said...

suggests an emotional investment in the outcome of the case.

I suppose if Judge Walker had been a conservative Christian he wouldn't have had an emotional investment in the case?

And Walker must not have been much of a homosexual activist if nobody was aware of his homosexuality prior to his decision in the case.

Anonymous said...

Extermination Jim. Nothing less for your ilk.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have a member of the Hitler Youth chiming in, eh, anony 6:32 p.m.?

Anonymous said...

Weren't you banned already, John Foust?

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Hitler Youth. Leave MY America.