Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Here Comes the BS About the CR

See how wonderful this CR will be??

If House Republicans can pass the government funding bill, aka Continuing Resolution (CR), introduced by Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rodgers, R-Ky., yesterday, they will have positioned themselves well for a surprise victory over President Obama in the latest government spending showdown.

In brief, the CR moves some sequester-money around towards the DoD.

Wunnerfulwunnerfulwunnerful, so smart, so elegant....

What Hal Rodgers and his sycophant press do NOT mention is that Hal Rodgers' CR continues the funding of ObozoCare.  No change, no deletion.

IOW, Hal Rodgers is a crapweasel--just like Cryin'John Boehner, who approved this turd in the pudding.

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Billiam said...

Wanna bet breakfast it passes? I hear Perkins calling!