Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doh. Really?

Gottlieb, attempting to justify hiring 180 new employees at WisDot:

...The Department of Transportation contends it would net $5.6 million in savings over two years by hiring engineers and others because state employees cost less than private consultants. Nonetheless, the DOT would continue to contract for much of its engineering work....

Gottlieb was not asked what the savings would be over 5 years, or 10 years.

It would have been embarrassing, don'cha know.

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Saint Revolution said...

Walker, like Paul Ryan, is quietly turning into another Benedict Arnold politician.

In an "era" of Act 10, where property taxes were supposed to be frozen for two years, property taxes increased.

Yeah, that's what we need...more plutocracy via more revenue agent scumbags.

Sellouts like Walker and Ryan have joined the statist side of Amerika's two party system...government thieves versus all the rest of us.

They're all liars, sellouts, traitors, and treasonists...GOPers and Dems...and that includes Walker, Ryan, and all other politician pukes.