Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jeff Sessions: "Americans First, Please"

Powerline notes a statement by Sen. Jeff Sessions, which points out the fact that Democrat politicians don't give a rotten damn about unemployed US citizens.

One of the most important concerns — and too little discussed — is the economic impact. The last time Congress considered a comprehensive immigration bill, unemployment was 4.5 percent. Today, it’s nearly 8 percent. Forty percent of those unemployed have been out of work for six months or longer. The labor force participation rate is at a thirty-year low. The unemployment rate for teenagers is 25.1 percent. Wages are stagnant. Never before have more Americans been on food stamps and other forms of welfare.

Yet all we hear from those interests pushing for a comprehensive immigration bill is that we have a labor shortage and need to import more low-skill workers

An expanded guest-worker program will not benefit unemployed American and legal workers. . . .[T]he very jobs that would be an entry point into the labor force for the unemployed — particularly for the young — are the jobs that are seemingly being negotiated away as part of this comprehensive bill.

Every American worker, union and non-union, is right to be concerned about a large guest-worker program combined with a large amnesty of illegal workers. There is no doubt that such a program will reduce Americans’ wages and job prospects. Ultimately, Congress must recognize that has to be focused on meeting the needs of unemployed and underemployed American workers. The economic impact of immigration is the overriding concern about which there has been much too little serious conversation.

This is also the case (mutatis mutandis) with the politicians of BOTH stripes who are pushing for H1B "high tech" expansion. 

It's cheap labor, not "quality". 

Although in the case of immigration, it's also (D) votes.  Surprised?


Saint Revolution said...

State-Wrecked: The Corruption Of Capitalism In America

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Timmy links to a liberal source, one he has utter disdain for, to support a position. I guess even he is willing to compromise his "values".

Anonymous said...

Do you even know who Stockman is? He was instrumental in exploding the National Debt by almost 50% during Reagan's first term. Stockman is the ultimate hypocrite. He's someone you should loathe but are linking to as a source because you never thought it through.

Anonymous said...

It's cheap labor, not "quality". Although in the case of immigration, it's also (D) votes. Surprised?

It's ALL politicians, Dad29, as well as businesses who want to cut down costs. That's how capitalism works in our country.