Friday, March 08, 2013

Really, Mr. Podhoretz?

J Podhoretz thinks that Rand Paul is dangerous, very dangerous.

So he wrote a short essay about this "danger".

Too bad that Mr. Podhoretz chose to ...ahhh.....ignore a few inconvenient facts.

...Just to take one example, he said we are living in a state of perpetual and endless war, and used Iraq as an example — Iraq, from which we pulled out entirely in 2011. To listen to Paul, you’d think America was already a police state, and the planet its evil playground.

Yes, many people believe this, but that doesn’t make it true. It wasn’t true under Bush and it’s not true under Obama....


Mr. Podhoretz forgets Afghanistan, where we began fighting BEFORE we hit Iraq under GWB.   And he forgets that the US has been back into Iraq, albeit in small numbers, on-and-off since we "pulled out entirely."

So we had Iraq One.  Then Clinton put US troops in Bosnia/Herzegovina.  Then we had Iraq Two, enveloped by Afghanistan, which continues to this day.

1988 to present, or about 6 times the years it took us to enter and exit WWII.

That's more than enough, Mr. Podhoretz.  But you can volunteer to join the Army, if you wish.

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