Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Smart Growth" Redux

About 20 years ago, the then-Statists-in-D.C. cooked up the term "smart growth" to describe their plan to quash sub- and ex-urban development.

It's back, re-named, and being pushed by the current Statists-in-D.C.

...The Times, and just about every other major news outlet, neglected to note that on the day of Obama’s Argonne speech, the Department of Energy released a series of coordinated reports called “Transportation Energy Futures” (developed in cooperation with Argonne). This DOE project explores a variety of strategies designed to curb America’s greenhouse gas emissions up to 80 percent by about 2050. 

Arguably the most controversial of those reports covers the “effects of the built environment on transportation.” To put it plainly, the “built environment” report lays out strategies the federal government can use to force development away from suburbs and into cities, supposedly for the sake of reducing carbon dioxide emissions given off by all those suburban commuters. The Obama administration wants to force so-called smart growth policies on the country: get out of your car, stay out of the suburbs, move into small, tightly-packed urban apartment complexes, and walk or take public transportation instead of driving...--quoted at the Captain's place.

Wanna bet that living in sub- or ex-urbia will be castigated as "racist" in se over the next 5 years?  I've already heard that from an acquaintance of the Leftish persuasion....

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