Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More On the Keynesian Morons

While they bleat and screech about "recovery-through-debt-pileup" and (in a fallback) then prattle that "US bonded debt is not a problem, we can roll it forever" (!!), there's pitiful little to show for it.

There has been no change in employment statistics that have been positive.  

Let's look simply at the non-adjusted "employed" figures for the last four months and compare against last year.

In November 2012 we lost 490,000 jobs.  In December, 489,000.  In January, 1.446 million.  And last month we gained 614,000.

In November 2011 we gained 83,000.  In December, we lost 389,000.  In January, 737,000.  And in February 2012 we gained 740,000.

Yah, that's progress, eh?


J. Strupp said...

There hasn't been a debt pile up. Debt/GDP has been falling for 2 years. We haven't been running the Keynesian playbook. We've been running yours.

And we can tap debt markets for more government spending if we want to. Short term real interest rates are negative. The world is more or less paying us to issue debt to boost GDP.

J. Strupp said...

Correction: decelerating not falling. Big difference obviously. Short term projections have debt/GDP falling over the next decade.

Jim said...

Who is Karl Denninger and why does he not have a single link to any source which might back up the numbers that he puts on this page?

J. Strupp said...

That's Dadster's boy, Jim.

Karl Denninger is a Tea Party guy who has been ranting for 5 years about spiking interest rates, hyperinflation, a massive collapse in equities leading to civil unrest, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria, etc. When the market goes down 20 points, ol' Karl tells everyone to, "be prepared, the end is near". He's definately a colorful dude.

Dad29 said...

............none of which could EVER happen.......

Jim said...

Well an ELE could happen, too. Aren't you worried about that?

Anonymous said...

Josh Strupp ‏@Strupp99

The new Pope hid political prisoners of a horrible dictator from Human Rights Commissioners. I call this progress. No kids were involved.

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